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Updated December 16, 2010                     


Witness Name Dates
The Hon. Donald S. Macdonald, expert witness regarding regulation of energy industry and changes in late 1990s May 25, 2010
Jonathan Toll, TD Securities, regarding Mississauga's RFP Process for Hydro Mississauga May 25, 2010
Bill Houston, outside counsel to City of Mississauga during Hydro Mississauga/Enersource negotiations May 26, 2010
David O'Brien, former City Manager and first President and C.E.O. of Enersource May 27, 2010
August 11, 2010
David Lever, outside counsel to Borealis during Hydro Mississauga/Enersource negotiations May 31, 2010
Michael Nobrega, President of Borealis during Hydro Mississauga/Enersource negotiations May 31, 2010
August 16, 2010
Jeffrey Singer, outside counsel to City of Mississauga June 1, 2010
Mary Ellen Bench, City Solicitor June 1, 2, 2010
August 10, 2010
Mayor McCallion June 2, 2010
September 20, 21, 23, 2010
Katie Mahoney, Mississauga Councillor June 15, 2010
Ed Sajecki, City Commissioner of Planning and Building July 8, 2010
August 10, 2010
Bram Costin, real estate counsel to Oxford/156 Square One Ltd. July 8, 2010
Ken Lusk, former owner of 50 per cent of Hawthorne Realty July 26, 2010
John Zingaro, former Assistant City Solicitor July 26, 2010
Peter McCallion, Principal and/or agent of WCD July 27, 28, 2010
Michael Latimer, President & CEO of Oxford Properties Group July 28, 2010
Micheal Dal Bello, Senior Vice President, Real Estate, AIMCo July 29, 2010
Dean Hansen, Portfolio Manager, Real Estate, AIMCo July 29, 2010
Barry Lyon, Principal of N. Barry Lyon Consulting Ltd, development consultants to World Class Development, Ltd. (WCD) August 9, 2010
Scott Walker, Associate at N. Barry Lyon Consulting Ltd., development consultants to WCD August 9, 2010
Shalini Alleluia, retired City employee August 9, 2010
Craig Coleman, President, Officer and Director of 156 Square One Ltd.; owner of Hawthrone Realty Advisors and Stonecap Realty August 11, 2010
Leo Couprie, Principal of World Class Development (WCD) August 17, 2010
Tony DeCicco, Principal of WCD starting in 2007 August 17, 18, 2010
Michael Kitt, Executive Vice President, development, Oxford Properties August 19, 2010
Marilyn Ball, Director of Development and Design Division in the City Planning and Building Department August 19, 2010
Leo DeBever, CEO of AIMCo September 13, 2010
John DiPoce, investor September 13, 2010
Murray Cook, initial principal of WCD September 15, 2010
Janice Baker, City Manager September 15, 2010
Steve Gupta, President & CEO of Easton's Group of Hotels Inc. September 16, 2010
Emilio Bisceglia, Counsel to World Class Developments Limited December 14, 2010
Professor David Mullan, a leading Canadian expert on administrative law and a former integrity commissioner for the City of Toronto December 15, 16, 2010
Gregory Levine, an authority and author on municipal ethics December 15, 16, 2010
Lorne Sossin, Dean of the Osgoode Hall Law School whose special interests include administrative law and public administration December 15, 16, 2010

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